Pampered Pet Activities


$20.00 Bow Wow or Meow Birthday Blast

Let us celebrate your pet’s birthday with his/her own private party. Your pet is treated to a 20 minute one on one private play session, a pup cake or kitty parfait from the barkery, a party hat, a special birthday toy and a keepsake photo to take home.


MONEY SAVING ACTIVITY PACKAGES (Packages are per day, per pet and are in Addition to our daily rate. You may choose a package for one or all days of your pets stay).

Puppy Pampering is manditory daily for all dogs under 1 yr. of age

  • $8.00 Puppy Pampering package: 1 “Personalized Play” session or “Nature Walk”, “Extra Potty” breaks as needed, extra feedings, extra housekeeping as needed and clean ups.
  • $8.00/day The Stay and Play package: 2 “Personalized Play” sessions (30mins.) and a “Kong Time” treat
  • $15.00/day The Best Friend package: 2 “Personalized Play” sessions, 1 “Kong Time” treat, 1 “Furpurrsons Frosty” and a toy to take home.
  • $20.00/day The Young and the Restless package: 3 “Personalized Play” sessions (45mins.), 1 “Kong Time” treat, 1 “Furpurrsons Frosty”, and a bed time tuck in complete with teeth brushing and a “Check-ups” dental treat.