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Furpurrson’s modern-day ark searched for accommodations

Guest Submission from Furpurrson’s Pet Resort

9:00 a.m Saturday May 2nd. One of the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s deputies came to the door, at Furpurrson’s Pet Resort in Mt. Shasta, to inform them that they were implementing a voluntary evacuation of all of Truck Village Dr. A train derailment, with questionable hazardous material on board. The hazmat team had been dispatched to the scene but there was no way of knowing when they would declare the area safe.

Stacey Chiment and Laurie King, co owners of the two year old pet resort, felt that the safety of their guests was of the utmost importance. They gathered together, their 22 guests and began loading them into every available vehicle, including the assistance of one of the Forestry Dept. offi cers and her vehicle. It was raining quite heavily and I’m sure if someone had seen the caravan of creatures heading down I 5 they might have thought it a modern-day ark. Come to think of it Stacey’s husband Dave, who was also assisting, does sort of resemble Noah. There were big crates for the Labradors and Goldens. Two great Pyrenese were squeezed into the back of one vehicle with the front of the vehicle loaded with more crates. A greyhound, and some of the smaller dogs shared the next vehicle. Of course no caravan would be complete without Stacey’s very pregnant miniature pinscher in the mix. The crates and critters and food and blankets took three trips to get everything settled into a local ware house.

By mid afternoon, with still no word from the hazmat team, they began calling around to see if there were any motel rooms that would be willing to accommodate these 25 (mostly fur covered) guests.

Most of the motels in the area have a no pet policy. The Best Western Tree house said that they would be willing to take them but that the rooms were filling up quickly with all the people coming in to help with the derailment.

It turned out that the rooms were never needed. They called the Sheriff’s office for an update and were told that the danger had passed. Time to pack them all up and bring them back to the Resort.

Stacey and Laurie became aware of how necessary emergency evacuation plans can be and are very grateful to all the offered help. They were relieved to have had one in place and are grateful to all who offered help.

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